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RocketSkates make an appearance on CTV Canada

#rocketskates ACTON Canada CTVCanada M Scooter Review Tech Television

Tech reviewer Tom Emrich rode onto the CTV Canada set today in style. Tom made a grand entrance, seamlessly gliding onto television in the skates. Tom explained how fun the skates are and how they they give you "super speed." He talked about our innovative app and how it can be used to connect with fellow RocketSkaters locally or throughout the world. Whether it is Canada, China or France, RocketSkates continues to expand globally thanks to enthusiasts like Tom! Please use the link below to watch the video! For those interested in our product in Canada, please visit and...

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RocketSkates making a splash in France

#rocketskates #WTUS15 #WTUS

     As ACTON continues to expand globally, French television station, BMF TV, has taken notice. Our RocketSkates were recently featured by Anthony Morel in his segment on fun motorized objects that facilitate transport for small urban journeys. BMF TV is one of the most respected and popular stations in France and they are big fans of our product! With Eco-Riders as our French distributor, sales and interest in France have continued to grow and we could not be more excited! Use the link below to view RocketSkates on BMF TV.   Use this link to view our product through our...

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5 Creative Ways to Relax with ACTON Products this July 4th Weekend

4th of July ACTON Electric Scooter Independence Day July 4th M Scooter

With the first half of 2015 coming to an end and the long and wonderful July 4th weekend quickly approaching, the ACTON Team would love to recommend some fun ways to enjoy the weekend with our products! 1. Parade down your street riding your M Scooter with one hand and waving sparklers around with your other hand. 2. Ride your RocketSkates down to the nearest firework stand. They are sure to strike up a conversation and maybe your new friends at the stand will give you a discount on fireworks. 3. Ride your M Scooter to the nearest park’s firework...

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The Ultimate Lifestyle Accessory: Why you should consider an electric scooter

ACTON Electric Scooter M Scooter

Many people use our electric M Scooters as a complement to their car. Others use it as a replacement for their car all together. Everyone has their unique reason for using our M Scooter, whether you are trying to save the environment or just add convenience to your daily life. Below are three of our favorite and less traditional reasons why our customers use their electric scooter. Its sneaky fast Many of our customers compare the speed of the M Scooter to their car and say, “I wish it could go faster than 12 mph.” What most people do not...

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Five reasons why the M Scooter is the perfect gift for dad

ACTON Electric Scooter Fathers Day M Scooter

Five reasons why the M Scooter is the perfect gift for dad 1. Welcome your dad to the new age of technology:  When most dads were growing up, scooters were not invented, never mind electric scooters. Show him the wonders of the 21st century. 2. He can use it to for a romantic evening ride with mom: We know gross, but with everything your parents have done for you, they deserve a nice night out everyone once in a while. 3. Maybe he’ll let you use it: We have a feeling that once he gets the hang of riding the...

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